How to create a big, bouncy blowout with the T3 Cura LUXE.

T3 is considered the holy grail of hair tools. How do we generate such impassioned responses? By venturing outside the mane-stream with a collection of uniquely designed products that feature proprietary technologies and consider every functional and design detail. Using T3 for the first time is akin to a revelatory experience. Some say life-changing. Suddenly, it’s possible to replicate salon results at home with tools that transform the look, health and texture of your hair and bring a touch of luxury into your styling routine. The speed is remarkable too, for many, turning a tedious chore into an anticipated beauty ritual. When the results are this dramatic, it’s time to upgrade to T3—and never look back.

T3 - The Science of Fabulous

T3 was the first to infuse styling tools with Tourmaline, a gemstone known for its ionic energy and far infrared heat properties, and the first to create a dryer that's actually good for your hair. Each T3 tool is a result of years of research and development by a team of software and R&D specialists. These next generation styling tools combine innovative technology with cutting-edge design to deliver runway-ready results in record time.

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"My hair has drastically improved after using the T3 Featherweight dryer - it is shinier and softer, what more could a girl ask for?!"

                                                              – CELEBRITY ENDORSER


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De heilige graal onder de haarproducten, T3, durft baanbrekend te zijn zodat uw prachtige, gladde haarlokken krijgt. Uniek ontworpen haarverzorgingsproducten zoals hun uitwisselbare Curling Barrel, profiteren van gepatenteerde technologieën waarbij elk detail, zowel wat betreft functie als design, zorgvuldig wordt beschouwd. Zoek uw favoriete hulpmiddelen en accessoires zodat u thuis salonwaardige resultaten krijgt.
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