Bobbi Brown - About the Brand

Luxury beauty brand Bobbi Brown was founded in 1991 in New York City, by none other than the legendary makeup artist come entrepreneur, Bobbi Brown. Today, the brand has a global identity, with over 5,200 makeup artists around the world.   At the heart of Bobbi Brown is a celebration of natural beauty and the desire to give women the tools they need to feel more confident with their appearance. With a collection of skincare and makeup at their helm, the brand wants to enhance every woman’s natural beauty, and help them create a timeless and effortless look for themselves.


Bobbi Brown

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Bobbi Brown, meesters van de perfecte foundation, leiden de weg als het gaat om huidverzorging en cosmetica, om u de meest perfecte afwerking tot nog toe te bezorgen. Met hun populaire, iconische Face Base met vitamines creëert u een perfecte glad en egaal canvas om uw hun luxe make-upproducten op aan te brengen.
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